patternThe Pattern 2.0.08 by JT Kalnay
Genre: Technothriller
Free on July 22-26
Where to Download:

The long-awaited sequel to The Pattern. Exactly seven hundred and ninety three people died in thirty one separate crashes north of the 49th parallel between January 20, 2008 and September 28, 2008. The notable list of victims of this cluster of crashes is remarkable. Among those who perished were Alaska Senator Ted Stephens, a former director of NASA, the CEO of a large defense contractor, the President of Poland, the director of Poland’s national bank, and the MVP of the premiere Russian hockey league. The list of near victims, who are classified as people who travelled on planes that crashed within two days of having been flown by the near victims is even more remarkable, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, David Johnston, the Governor General of Canada, Andre Medvedev, President of Russia, and Bill Oefelein, former space shuttle pilot.

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stuStudent Bodyguard for Hire by Callie James
Genre: Young Adult
.99 Days: July 22-24
Where to Buy:


When her younger brother becomes victim to Ridgeview High’s worst group of bullies, Peyton Greene sets out to hire the most feared student in school to protect him. It never occurs to her that the antisocial, two-time senior won’t agree to do it, even for the large sum she’s willing to pay.

Sam Guerra can’t afford to pick a fight at school and risk another expulsion, but after witnessing the beginning of a humiliating locker room beat down, he gets involved anyway. Soon more students approach him with offers of money and requests for protection. Having zero interest in becoming anyone’s bodyguard, he finds other students willing to take his place for the same fee. A growing list of names rapidly morphs into a reason to approach the pretty geek again, and despite the stark differences in his and Peyton’s backgrounds, they begin seeing each other outside of school.

But everything changes when Peyton transforms the list into a bodyguard website for a class project. Not long after go-live, she’s struggling to maintain the burgeoning database of bullied students matched with student bodyguards. What happens next turns the senior class assignment into a non-profit, nationwide project that will ultimately tear her parents’ marriage apart and the town in two as it fuels the hot topic of violence to stop violence in an already divided nation. Her struggle to do the right thing becomes even more complicated when she learns of Sam’s dark past and equally violent present—information that could compromise their relationship, her reputation, and the integrity of a successful, anti-violence project she refuses to quit.

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forForgiveness & Forgiving; Choose To Forgive And Reclaim Your Potential For A Happier Life by Mark Zane
Genre: SelfHelp, Family, Relationships
FREE July 20-24
Where to Get It:


Forgiveness & Forgiving; Choose To Forgive And Reclaim Your Potential For A Happier Life, is key to making your own life fuller, more open to compassion, more understanding and lived with true integrity and dignity. Learning to forgive, forgiving our parents, forgiving the unforgivable is all part of growing as a person, moving on from past pain and sorrow and taking full ownership of our own lives. Forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, forgiveness and hope are fundamental building blocks of richer lives, deeper relationships and greater success. People are drawn to confidence and integrity, and learning to forgive, letting others know they are forgiven and understanding that forgiveness is a choice is your opportunity to make your life richer and more rewarding, now and each and every day henceforth.

Forgiving lies is just one part of forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and forgiving your own past is as important as forgiving your parents or an old boss, lover, friend or family member. Learning forgiveness and forgiving so those who hurt you or wronged you are truly forgiven is the truly liberating, setting you on a road to personal confidence and greater success in life.


northNorthwest Arkansas Travel Guide: Bentonville, Eureka Springs, Fayetteville, Rogers & Springdale by Lynn West
Genre: Travel
.99 Days: July 21-23
Where to Get It:

Northwest Arkansas, in the scenic Ozarks, is an emerging world-class destination for outdoor, entrepreneurial, and art enthusiasts. The Northwest Arkansas Travel

Guide captures the area’s best outdoor activities–from fishing and water sports to hiking, camping, and biking–while also showcasing its fabulous art, historical, and

cultural scene. It covers its bustling business community as well as its vibrant culinary, microbrew, and entertainment districts.

* CRYSTAL BRIDGES MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART featuring world-class art and architecture

* THE WALMART MUSEUM a family friendly experience

* CAN’T MISS ATTRACTIONS from Eureka Springs to Fayetteville


* WHAT THE LOCALS SAY about restaurants, things to do, places to stay

* AWARD-WINNING RESTAURANTS to satisfy every taste

* HELPFUL FEATURES on museums, trails, nightlife and live music

* IMPORTANT TIPS on how to save and where to go

* ITINERARIES AND DAY TRIPS to help harried travelers make the most of their stay

THIS EDITION: Restaurant, entertainment, shopping, accommodation, attraction and spa listings are included to help you plan your stay to make the most of your visit.

LOCAL RECOMMENDATIONS: The Northwest Travel Guide offers solid recommendations from the people who actually live in the area to help visitors have a successful, pleasurable

and memorable trip. Our colorful, “What The Locals Say” sections give travelers time and money-saving tips and useful observations on eateries, lodging, and things to do.

NWA, a place where local visionaries consistently harness their dreams and turn them into world-class realities.

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sm-coverConquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones
Genre: Christian Fiction
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:


David gathered 5 smooth stones to meet and defeat Goliath. What did these stones represent and how can you use them to conquer Goliaths in your own personal quests? Ms. Virginia Bean will show you how.

Travel with her on her own personal journey. See what she does. Learn how she grows. Discover what she becomes.

“Conquering your Goliaths—A Parable of the Five Stones” is for anyone desiring to travel beyond mediocrity, pain and fear. Learn of the great power within you, a power given to you from God, a power that must ultimately be unleashed to conquer the Goliaths in your own life. Come to an even deeper understanding of God and what he wants for you. Come…

What they’re saying about it:

Great “life lesson” book!
This is like a whole series of self-help books all rolled up neatly into 104 pages and disguised as a fiction story! Very clever indeed! You could read this book and not even know that you are learning something. I found myself highlighting and taking notes all through the book, but also really enjoying the story.

A Nice Christian Parable

This book was a great addition to Christian Fiction. I use the word fiction loosely as the story itself was a work of fiction, but the lessons and biblical references are very real. I enjoyed the fact that this book wasn’t a boring, step-by-step instructional on how the author thought the Christian walk should be. She wrote a story about a very relatable and likeable character, Ms. Virginia Bean, as she faced real life struggles, fears and hardships. It was also amazing that this book came to me at a time when I needed to hear what it takes to listen, to trust, to be optimistic, to have tenacity and constancy. Great job Kathryn Elizabeth Jones. Thank you for writing such a good book and for following your faith in God.

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gaveA Grave at San Ignacio by James Wharto
99 Cents on July 20-July 22
Genre: Thriller


The small town of Staunton, Arizona is caught up in the Mexican drug wars and ex-Sheriff Jimmy Harris is re-hired to stop the violence. He encounters a beautiful but mysterious woman, and as he struggles to figure out which side of the law she is on, a daughter he never knew is put in harm’s way.

Author: James Wharton was born in St. Louis, Missouri and traces his lineage to the Revolutionary War and Valley Forge. Wharton worked three years as a page in the U.S. Capitol in Washington and spent four years in the U.S. Air Force. Wharton is an Adjunct Professor of Economics and Marketing. He attended Capitol Page School in the Library of Congress and Washington University in St. Louis. He is a published author.

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Darker Amazon 650 x 1009Drowning in the Shallow End by Charlie Mellor
Type: Memoir
Genre: Dark humor
Price: Reduced from $8.99 to £0.99 from 07/20/14 – 07/25/14
Where to Get It:
Amazon      Amazon UK


A darkly comic memoir about a secret obsession, revealing the depths to which people can sink, before they realise they’re in too deep…

For years, all Charlie Mellor wanted was to meet the alluring Pennie Fenton. Unfortunately for him, this wish came true. Captivation with the corrupting Miss Fenton quickly developed into an overpowering infatuation which sent his life spiralling out of control and jeopardised everything he held dear.

It was because of Miss Fenton that he lost touch with his family and friends, got involved with the occult, upset members of the Greek Underworld and even volunteered one of his own fingers to be crushed by a sadistic stranger. Before he could free himself from her curious charms, he would need to acknowledge her real identity and expose the deep, dark secret she had kept hidden from him. Only then, would he find the courage to rebuild himself through a bizarre appearance on national television, where in front of millions of viewers, he would abandon all dignity and reveal the full extent of his downfall.

This candid true story chronicles one man’s hapless attempts to free himself from a cruel and manipulative companion. Peppered with black humour, it unveils the damaging impact of an unyielding obsession. Positioned as an offbeat tale of misplaced mesmerisation; this unconventional memoir taps into the universal themes of attraction, temptation and choice. It includes irreverent observations on life, loss and the enormous void between these two. Only at the end of the book do readers see that nothing is quite what it seems and this is in fact, a modern day parable about the redeeming power of love.

Appeared in both the Amazon top 5 memoir listings and top 25 humour listings.

London Book Fair Litfactor finalist.


‘Cohesive and heartfelt. A confident and well-crafted book’ – BubbleCow.

‘Mellor writes with a deft hand, his comedy has a light, wry touch, combined with a self-deprecating sense of irony that is utterly endearing’ – Alan Strong, US book blogger.

‘I have never had an obsession about anything, secret or otherwise. There are times that I feel that I have missed out on something in life because of this, maybe I should read this book and learn how to be obsessed’ – Bill Drummond, artist, musician, writer and record producer.

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Fargoer webFargoer – A Viking Age Tale by Petteri Hannila
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $0.99 between July 19th – July 25th, $3.99 normal price
Where to Get It:


When everything Vierra holds dear is trampled to ashes, will she find the strength to fight on?

In the dark woods of ancient Scandinavia, an extraordinary woman is creating foundations for her life. All this is threatened to be burned in flames of chaos, as men as well as spirits put their powers against her happiness. She is to become Fargoer, one who wanders across the known world for her destiny. Among her assets is a will of iron that is not ready to settle for something not of her own doing.

Fargoer begins a fantasy tale set against a backdrop of the Viking Age. It will take the reader deep into the forests of the north, among the people of Kainu both unique and ancient in their ways. Viking warriors prowl the waterways and riches of the far south are in the reach of the powerful. Yet, powers both supernatural and natural are in constant motion to set things as they see fit.

If you like fast-paced fantasy novels or viking mythology / sagas, you will enjoy reading Fargoer. The book has often been compared to the works of Robert E. Howard and Jean M. Auel, among others.

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