Bargain eBooks #536:

E-Force by James D. Kellogg
Genre: Action-Adventure, Thriller
Price: $4.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)



Colt Kelley, a disillusioned employee of an environmental organization in Aspen, finds his life shifting into high gear when he stumbles into an unexpected romance with a beautiful woman with a turbid past. But the newfound bliss is obliterated by E-Force, a clandestine group of militant radicals engaged in an escalating campaign of destruction against the Colorado assets of AmeResort Corporation. A dark conspiracy lurking below the eco-terrorist facade thrusts Colt into the crosshairs of law enforcement and a lethal network of merciless thugs and corrupt cops. Pressed into a race against time and ruthless evil, Colt must stop E-Force from hurtling toward an unthinkable act of terror. The fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

What they’re saying about it:
“If you like Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler or Vince Flynn type novels you are going to love this one.”–William T. Curnutt
“Fast paced none stop action from the start to the finish keeps you glued to the story. The charactors are believable and the lead charactor is easy to identify with. The well developed story line is easy to follow and relate to. I totally enjoyed this book.”–Larry B. Gray

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