Bargain eBooks #550:

The Geneva Connection by Martin Bodenham
Type: Novel
Genre: Financial Thriller
Price: $4.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)
Amazon UK
                                 Musa Publishing
The Geneva Connection is a financial thriller where the worlds of private equity and organized drug crime collide. CEO, John Kent, thought he had it all. The phenomenal success of his private equity firm has propelled him into the world’s wealthy super-league. Self-made and from a poor background, he’s living his dream. Then he discovers his new financial backers are a front for the world’s largest organised crime group, the Mexican Caruana drug cartel. It is run by Felix Safuentes, also known as “Jivaro” after the South American tribe famous for decapitating its enemies. Kent’s life spirals into a nightmare when the head of the DEA’s investigations unit leans on him to provide evidence against his criminal investors or be incarcerated for collusion and money laundering. It will be obvious to the cartel if he cooperates.
What they’re saying about it:
Novelist Martin Bodenham has penned The Geneva Connection, a thriller straddling the City, the English countryside, Mexican back roads and the US Drug Enforcement Administration. With this page-turner, Bodenham aspires to do for fund managers what John Grisham has done for lawyers… Corporate Financier Magazine
The Geneva Connection has a menacing opening with a hook and a barb to make the hook stick. Thriller readers are hooked, barbed and immediately reeled in. The narrative mesmerizes from the outset. The pace is swift and the action enough to make any reader’s toes curl in frightening expectation… Art Cockerill, Writer and Journalist
The Geneva Connection is a hard-hitting, well-written piece of action-driven fiction, with an attention to detail that James Patterson would be proud of and yet quite different from anything I’ve yet seen… Celina Summers, Editorial Director at Musa Publishing

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