Bargain eBooks #565:

Hellfire Vengeance by Charles Shea
Genre: Thriller
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:
 Amazon (Kindle)

John Lasham, a Catholic priest, is burned alive in his car in the parking lot of Piedmont Hospital. Just a few hours later the 11 o’clock news broadcasts the ghoulish footage shot at the scene. After the grisly footage airs local police stations are inundated with 911 calls from the terrified citizens of Atlanta, they want to know if the priest’s shocking murder is a onetime attack, or could anyone of them be next victim set ablaze.
Unfortunately, the police are unable to answer that question, but there is one man that might know the answer – Travis Knight. He’s the criminal defense attorney that just days before had successfully defended Father Lasham in a child molestation trial, and he has a pretty good idea why the priest was incinerated – it has everything to do with a 6 year old boy named Kevin Riley.
Regardless of the killer’s ultimate motivation, Detective Tom Brikler with the Atlanta Homicide Unit, must assume a serial killer is loose in his city. He knows capturing the diabolical angel of death will be no easy task as the list of suspects is long, and time is running out. The frantic chase is on as Detective Brikler races to bring the maniacal killer to justice.
What they’re saying about it:
“Travis and Brickler are quite a combination and I, for one, am thrilled they are back! As a die-hard psychological and police thriller fanatic, I anxiously awaited their return after having much enjoyed the first book in this series. Hellfire Vengeance will have you scrolling non-stop as it keeps you guessing “who done it” until the very end. Additionally, you will come to doubt your opinion as to who the bad and good guys are. Nothing is black and white in this story. The lines between good and evil blur until you don’t know who you should be cheering for. It’s a great read and the end will surely come as a surprise to you. A must-read!!”–Amazon Reviewer

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