Bargain eBooks #570:

Life of Death by Nicholas A. McGirr
Genre: Paranormal/Mystery
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)
Barnes and Noble


Life. Death. Reincarnation. But how? In Life of Death, you’ll find two timeless characters that find a remarkable relation to each other. And who is the crazed man in the padded room counting the seconds away? The mystery of this story will leave you thinking you know the identity of these nameless characters, but a surprise ending brings this darkened tale to a twist. Violins, padded rooms, a darkened cave bring you the setting of Life of Death. The rest is up to you.

What they’re saying about it:

“I have started reading others’ mysteries. And like many mysteries, this one is full of life, love, pain, anger, sadness, and death. This story could also be considered a thriller, if you read it like that. If what I just said has confused you, I meant to. This story is meant to be in YOUR perspective. What is the time setting of this story? The town setting? The race of the characters? What is the origin itself? The author left that decision to our own imagination, which makes a story always interesting and makes you unable to put it down. I give Life of Death a five star rating.”–Goodreads Reviewer

“Nicholas McGirr’s “Life of Death” is a cerebral game of cat and mouse. I started reading this thinking I had a good idea of what and who the stranger was based on the title and thought perhaps this would be a predictable plot. However, I found myself challenging my assumptions as the stranger’s past and present were revealed. This kept me turning pages well into the night.”–Goodreads Reviewer


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