Bargain eBooks #571:

Before the Daisies Grow by Micki Street
Genre: Comedy
Price: $3.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)
Toss the bloomers, get a bikini wax and slip into a thong: life begins at sixty!
When sixty-something Dotty and her two friends accept an invitation to a holiday on a west African island, they have no idea their host Lucas is a drug lord using them as cover. Nor does Dotty have any idea that her new acquaintance, the delicious Major Ramsey Milestone, has an ulterior motive, too–he’s there on a covert mission to break up Lucas’s operation.
Covert or not, Dotty finds out and quickly gets her wires crossed. Even though the Major’s making her hormones do the tango, she’s convinced he’s the bad guy. But in her harebrained attempts to “rescue” herself and her friends she makes things worse for everyone but Lucas. When she learns the truth she not only has to clean up her mess, she has to make it up to–and hopefully make out with–the Major, or be left alone with her trusty vibrator.
What they’re saying about it:
Life doesn’t slow down after sixty, for some it just starts getting interesting. Searching for adventure and excitement, Dotty, Wilma, and Nora decide an African beach holiday and Safari are just the ticket. However, con man and drug lord Lucas talk the women into visiting his country in an attempt to use them as hostages to avoid a drug bust by the local and international authorities. What starts as a vacation quickly turns into a harrowing adventure for the grannies. Tropical storms, opium drug busts, and treacherous mountain roads are just part of their escapades. Fortunately for them, they have an ever watchful guardian keeping them just one step out of harms way/ more…”
“I never knew old age could be this exciting. I’m hoping I have as much energy as these gals when I get up there. This is a fun, light, entertaining read. I enjoyed the humor and could picture my mother getting into the same kind of mishaps. I also liked seeing a book aimed at and about an older generation and how they are still naughty, mischievous, and looking for an adventure (or a good time).”

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