Bargain eBooks #582:

Ask Me if I’m Happy by Kimberly Menozzi
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Price: $4.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)    Amazon UK     Barnes and Noble

Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest ones to ask.

Emily Miller is forced to spend a day in Bologna when she’d rather be catching her flight to the US. Determined to put ten years in Italy and her marriage behind her, she wants to have nothing to do with anything – or anyone – Italian ever again.

For Davide Magnani, chivalry isn’t yet dead. He accompanies Emily to Milan, if only to reassure himself of her safe arrival. The following morning, he’s stunned to realize he’s fallen in love with someone he’s only known for twenty-four hours – and it seems that she feels the same way.

One year later, Emily and Davide reunite. As their relationship strengthens, unforeseen events reveal deeper, troubling connections all around, which drive Emily away from the first man she’s ever really trusted. Can she forgive the lies she’s been told, or the truths which have been hidden from her? And how can Davide prove to her, once and for all, that Italy is precisely where she needs to be?
What they’re saying about it:

“This is an absolutely beautiful book, a seamless blending of romance and literary fiction. The characters are well-portrayed and easy to relate to. The settings come alive and this is where the author’s first-hand experience really shines. My only caveat would be to keep your Italian dictionary close at hand! (Though the inclusion of some Italian words and phrases does lend a wonderful sense of realism to the overall story.)” – Cameron Chapman

“… And what can I say about the way Italy is portrayed? Simply. Brilliant. Italy is very much the third main character of this novel. Sometimes it sits quietly in the background and sometimes it comes forward in all its splendour. The exaltation of food flavours and textures, the colourful descriptions of people and places… they all help create a genuine picture of Italy, which is not idyllic in any way.

Kimberly’s Italy is a place with flaws as well as merits. It is a country that can annoy you as well as make you fall in love with it. To accomplish this, you need talent. And Mrs Menozzi has plenty of it!” – Silvia Mazzobel, Book After Book


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