Bargain eBooks #586:

Unchosen Mage by M Norton
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Price: FREE today, normally $0.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)

Lanterra is a cursed land of unbalanced magic. There is no hope for its citizens until fourteen-year-old, unproven mage, Krys Anderwood opens an ancient journal and unleashes its power. The tome depicts a great battle two hundred years before, when an evil sorcerer named Grimm murdered the reigning king, Reth, and trapped the Wizard Raven, forcing him into eternal sleep. With the king and the mighty wizard gone, the magic of Lanterra became unbalanced, slowly succumbing to evil as it ran unchecked across the fragile land. Krys finds that he faces an impossible deadline, yet concedes to the task set two centuries before. He accepts the help of his best friend, Peter Greenleaf, and Navashay Foxglove, a healer from a distant village. Together they embark on a journey Krys is ill prepared for. Plagued by insecurity and marginal abilities, he must battle hideous lizard creatures, navigate a mysterious and deadly forest, and find Ravenwood Castle to free the trapped wizard and break the curse. All before Grimm can stop him.

What they’re saying about it:

“I thought this book was well developed, with enough detail to get the imagination rolling. The adventure starts off almost immediately and kept me turning the pages. The main character is someone to root for, as he is still unsure of his true abilities. I am interested to see his transformation in the following books. I like that the author brought in new types of magic and conjuring versus other books of the same old magic.
Bottom line, this is a great, quick reading book filled with detail of adventure and camaraderie through a magical world. I would recommend for any age!”–Amazon Reviewer


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