The House in Windward Leaves by Katherine L. Holmes
Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Price: $0.99
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Costumes make the child in this fantasy about identity.

Halloween night, the wayward Sadie leads her friends past cardboard cut-outs of the painter Mistral and a lady at the leaf-covered house on Windward Road. A wall mural transports them to an enchanted star where their costumes become real.

As Fortuneteller, Sadie only has to look in her crystal ball to help the others with their transformations. Her friend Candy is the Homecoming Queen and her brother has turned into a zebra. The neighbor boy has become George Washington and his brother is a musician in the star band.

That begins the adventures of Sadie and the enchanted children who make up the bizarre star community. Then Mistral’s woman friend finds that her star-of-sapphire necklace is missing. After the gangster Riff Raff is accused, he displays a map and riddles for a treasure hunt. The winner must locate the Tooth Fairy, pass by a weredog, and follow directions to an invisible unicorn to be granted a boon from Enchanter Mistral. But other wishes have to be discovered.

What they’re saying about it:

The House in Windward Leaves by Katherine L. Holmes is a whimsical book written for children that even adults will enjoy reading. The story revolves around Sadie, seven of her friends and the upcoming Halloween night. Their main concern, besides their costumes, is the house down the street and the strange man who lives there with his cat. One cannot see inside the windows because they are covered with leaves, but they know he is up to something as he keeps buying paint by the gallons. Halloween night arrives, and as they are all dressed up, one finds quite an assortment from fortune tellers to cheerleaders and even a zebra. Approaching the strange house, the children are about to get the surprise of their life. Pushing on the door, they enter into the most lavish Halloween party they have ever seen. Here everybody is now the person or thing they had dressed up to be, from George Washington, to Paul Revere, right down to the fortune teller, cheerleader and, yes, the zebra.

This is an ideal book for children from 4th to 6th grade. I feel the book could also be read to younger children if one uses emphasis as they read to bring the story to life. I loved each of the characters in this book. They all have their little quirks and just seem to stand out separate from each other. This is an Alice in Wonderland type book that I feel girls will really get into and, yes, maybe some boys. One cannot help but laugh at the adventures and antics of Sadie and her friends along with the great cast of characters at the party. The book is well written with a great plot to it for being a children’s book. It’s ideal for any child’s home library. – Lynn F., Readers Favorite

When fantasy becomes reality, everything grows quite confusing….Sadie must assist her friends in this world of fantasy to embrace their dreams yet still somehow get home through it all. The House in Windward Leaves is a thrilling tale of young adult fiction, highly recommended.” – The Midwest Book Review

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