Bargain eBooks #604:

The City of the Gods by Joseph Lewis
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)



The dragon-possessed healer Asha of Kathmandu joins forces with the fox witch Wren, the airship engineer Taziri, and the immortal knight Gideon to save the living gods of Alexandria from an ancient evil. The immortal Lilith has come to the city to terrorize its people, and to twist them into hideous, monstrous slaves to serve her dark designs.

Many heroes have gathered to defeat her, but the one person who knows all the secrets of this place is stolen away. Asha’s new ally Anubis has a dark agenda of his own. And if Asha cannot control her own grief and rage at the evils she has seen, the dragon’s soul that dwells within her may consume her utterly, transforming her into the most devastating monster of all.

Inhuman creatures rampage across Alexandria, and battles rage from the city streets to the night skies, and from the great lighthouse down into the vast necropolis hidden beneath the earth. But this is a battle that cannot be won with weapons, no matter how otherworldly, if Asha is also to save her own sanity and bring peace to the city of the gods.
What they’re saying about it:
“I will admit when I first opened the book I was apprehensive on what to expect. The Egyptian gods fascinate me and they seem to always be forced into a cookie cutter mold when written into fictional fantasy. Joseph Robert Lewis threw the cookie cutter out and gave me something new and refreshing to read. His spin on the gods is unique and I enjoyed the story from cover to cover. (My only regret is I have not read his earlier books yet). “–Amazon Reviewer

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