Bargain eBooks #610:

The Ghost Downstairs by Molly Ringle
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary
Price: $4.99
Where to get it:
Amazon (Kindle)
Barnes and Noble

After making a fatal mistake on the job, Lina Zuendel seeks shelter in a Seattle assisted-living facility as their live-in nurse. But peace is not what she finds. She soon hears tales of ghosts haunting the house, and of two tragic deaths that took place in the 1930s. Unexplained events send her to ask questions of the handsome resident houseboy. Ren Schultz, a seemingly young live-in houseboy, tries to avoid his growing attraction to the new nurse. His secrets are too dangerous to share, no matter how lonely he has become. But Lina is persistent, and soon uncovers dark truths that no one else has dared to face. As their attraction grows, so does the intensity of the paranormal activity. Can their love survive the mysteries that lurk in the old sorority house?
What they’re saying about it:
“…a delightful read. One of my all-time favorite romantic ghost stories.” – Doralynn Kennedy, author
“Romance and ghosts are blended for a page-turner that kept me up nearly all night reading this book to the end.” – Kathryn, reader
Of Ghosts and Geeks by Molly Ringle
Type: Novella
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Comedy
Price: $2.25
Where to Get It:   

Amazon (Kindle)     Barnes and Noble


Gwen Walberg, literature teacher and self-professed geek, is thrilled to acquire a priceless antique book but soon learns why it came so cheap. The book contains the ghost of Violetta, its former owner, who spices up her boring afterlife by playing matchmaker. Gwen is her new target—and if she won’t cooperate, Violetta is prepared to throw a storm of dangerous tantrums. Rather than give up the treasured book, Gwen reluctantly surrenders, and learns Violetta has already chosen the man for her: Gwen’s gorgeous gardener and friend, Paul Chang. Paul is stunned that a ghost wants to cast him as a romance hero but intrigued enough to cooperate. Step by awkward step, Paul and Gwen allow their weird voyeur to force them into compromising positions. But what if the unlikely couple starts enjoying their bizarre, steamy situation? Can they ever cultivate a healthy relationship with an unstable ghost tagging along?
What they’re saying about it:
“Of Ghosts and Geeks is a giggling good time. Violetta is the most annoyingly funny apparition I have come across in a long time.” – Got Romance Reviews
“It’s a real hoot to read. Ms. Ringle makes her two main characters, Gwen and Paul, attractive, available and quick witted. Her ghost is a Victorian era lady who died a virgin. Just the story of her death is enough to make you spit whatever you’re drinking all over your computer screen.” – Long and Short Reviews


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