Bargain eBooks #618:

No One Knows You’re Here by Rachel Howzell
Genre: Mystery
Price: $3.99
Where to Get It:
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iTunes    Kobo
Fans of James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club will love Rachel Howzell’s newest title.Three weeks out of cancer surgery, crime reporter Syeeda McKay is in the pursuit of Los Angeless most active serial killer. Over the last twenty years, the Phantom Slayer has hunted African-American prostitutes working in one of the worst parts of South Los Angeles, killing eight victims in the alleys off Western Avenue, and then disappearing into the shadows. But Syeeda doesnt know that the killer has turned his sights on her. Detective Adam Sherwood, a hotshot investigator with the Robbery-Homicide Division of the LAPD, has been handed the Phantom Slayer cases, and together, he and Syeeda must figure out who is doing the killing . . . before Syeeda becomes his next victim
What they’re saying about it:
[Rachel] Howzell is the Sue Grafton of her generation, with a bit more social conscience and street cred. Like Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone, Syeeda is determined to be her own woman, solving crimes and facing down danger, and protecting her own body — and heart — as ferociously as she hunts down bad guys. — Nina Sankovitch, Read All Day and the Huffington Post
No One Knows You’re Here is obviously an adult book, but Howzell has written it with so much taste that none of the scenes, be them sex, autopsy or murder scenes, are overdone for the sake of giving too much detail. The characters were interesting, complicated and diverse. And the theme is definitely controversial. — PaulaSHx: Book Reviews

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