Bargain eBooks #627:

Work for Hire by Margo Karasek
Genre:   Chick Lit
Price:   $3.99
Where to Get It:  
Amazon (Kindle)  
Tekla’s law school career couldn’t be any better. She has top grades. She’s on Law Review. She’s a frontrunner in a mock oral argument with a sweet prize: a judicial clerkship. One problem, though: Tekla has no more money to pay for school. She needs a part-time job. Fast.
Luckily, her roommate has just the solution: help two uber-wealthy prep school teens, the twin son and daughter of a billionaire Wall Street short-seller and a world-renowned model turned fashion photographer, with their schoolwork, and earn $150 an hour. Plus, enjoy an additional perk on the job, in the form of a gorgeous photo assistant who happens to have his eye on Tekla.
Easy money.
Well, not so much. Within days, Tekla’s job begins to unravel. In a world of super-wealth and high fashion, Tekla finds herself surrounded by a peculiar cast of players: two teens whose self-destructive behavior becomes ever more erratic, a father whose ambitions for his son constantly test Tekla’s notions of what is fair and ethical and what is cheating, a mother whose emotional negligence borders on abuse, and a gorgeous man who may or may not be what he appears.
As Tekla struggles to hold onto a job that takes more time and energy than she ever anticipated, her own school life begins to suffer. She makes an enemy of a professor who seems to want nothing more than to bring her down. And he’s succeeding. Soon Tekla’s life is a paradox: without her high paying part-time job, she can’t afford law school; but with it, she’ll surely flunk out of school.
What they’re saying about it:
Tekla, the character at the center of “Work for Hire,” is my hero. I couldn’t help but admire her guts and sense of purpose, when she’s put to the test trying to support herself while earning a law degree. In tutoring the over-indulged, emotionally neglected children of the super rich she finds herself in some difficult, sometimes bizarre situations and has to put her own goals aside to resolve problems. It seems to me there are life lessons to be learned in the ways that Tekla manages to make smart, but compassionate, choices between her own career needs and the well being of her charges. A really good read.
I really, really enjoyed this book. Initially I was hesitant because I’m not the world’s biggest fan of these chick lit type of novels, but this one was really good. I especially liked the narrator’s voice. It was really conversational, relatable and funny. The book was a quick read with a nice pace. I enjoyed the storyline, especially the law school stuff. The author’s descriptions of the classroom antics and Professor Johnson were really engaging. I felt like I was there. But I think my favorite were the two kids that the narrator is nannying/tutoring. I liked Xander and Gemma even though they are bratty and spoiled. They read like real kids, facing some tough circumstances. The author did a good job of showing the good and the bad.


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