Bargain eBooks #628:

In The Name of The Father by Judi Coltman
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle) 

Time doesn’t quell a killer’s instict and there is no place to find solace. . .not even in His house.

Liz’s best friend rode off on the back of a motorcycle when she was 16 years old. Her body parts washed up on the shores of a Virginia beach community days later, prompting Liz’s parents to sequester her away to Richmond, far away from the vicious murder. Now on her own, Liz returns to take back that part of her life and make peace with the events of her 16th summer.

John Williams’s heart broke when, after being questioned in the grisly murder, Liz’s parents spirited her away for good, leaving him grieving for his forsaken love. With the guidance of his father, the community preacher, John moves on with a clear understanding of his life’s mission.
When another body turns up, safety becomes elusive, even in the small community church where the answers are hidden. Liz and John have to face the truth that the killer is still out there. Waiting. Watching them.

What they’re saying about it:
Suspenseful…………satisfying with unexpected twists and turns. ”
“I would recommend this for a Fall beach read or to those who enjoy a good suspense mystery read. ”–Candy Beauchamp
“Once you start reading you will not want to put this one down! ”

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