Bargain eBooks #634:

Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague by T.J. Lantz
Type: Short Story
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)
No matter how hard she tries life never seems to go quite right for Gnipper Tallhat, an eight-year-old Gnome determined to receive the recognition her intelligence deserves. This time, however, she’s got it all figured out. Finally, her father will have to be proud of her accomplishments…provided he manages to live through them.
What they’re saying about it:
The adventures of Gnipper could be the next great thing in children’s entertainment   – the good read guide
This is when self-publishing via electronic formats encourages people with a genuine ability. And Lantz does have that. He’s working in an age and a style he knows very well, on a subject he shows obvious affection for and commitment to. I’d like to know what happens to Gnipper next. Is this, then, a fun and suitable read for kids? Yes, and I can imagine it being read and enjoyed as much at home as in a class at school. – future fire reviews
The story flows well, makes you laugh, and will keep your young ones reading. I bet they’ll be able to come up with some ideas for hats, too, after they’ve read this story. After all, it’s good clean fun and enjoyable overall. Why not get a copy of this for any young fantasy reader or someone with a good sense of humor? The ending is my favorite part of the story. – Long and short reviews

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