Bargain eBooks #640:

The Breadwinners by Jan Hurst-Nicholson
Genre: Historical, Family Saga
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It: 
Amazon (Kindle)   Amazon UK
When a penniless immigrant baker seduces the daughter of a wealthy South African businessman her subsequent pregnancy leads to a bitter family rivalry spanning three generations.
It is New Year’s Eve 1924 and the fiery and volatile Charles McGill is devastated when the woman he loves announces her engagement to Lucas Connelly, his friend and co-worker.
When Charles delivers the New Year stollen bread to the home of Manfred Richter, his daughter Hilde mistakes Charles for a party guest and offers the handsome and seemingly unattached male a glass of spiced punch. Charles is soon drowning his sorrows in drink and later seduces Hilde. When she finds she is pregnant her father offers to set up the penniless Charles with his own bakery if he will marry her. Charles readily agrees and, unknown to Hilde, the two men draw up a contract. It is the beginning of a battle for supremacy between Charles, Lucas, and Miles Davenport, their former employer.
What they’re saying:
Charles is a conflicted man, a flawed hero, and the author nimbly renders the inner conflict regarding his seduction of Hilde and his pride in the resultant paternity, as well as his lovelorn abjection. Character development is pitch-perfect. The narrative tension is growing steadily. The pace and rhythm is lyrical, and the local color/environment is vivid. This author knows how to write an entertaining and substantial narrative.

I was hooked from the first page by the writing and by the character of Charles. The author pays attention to detail and local color, creating an environment of dimensional characters and conflicts. The prose is muscular and the mood and tone are spot-on. Moreover, I was intrigued by secondary characters, for example the obese Benjamin, who fears the potential violence of his father. There is nuanced foreshadowing here. The author is also portraying the prejudices of South Africa with subtlety. I would certainly want to read the rest of this story.

Something to Read on the Plane by Jan Hurst-Nicholson
Type: Short Story Collection
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)     Amazon UK



And for your in-flight entertainment – A Bit of Light Literature, Short Stories & Other Fun Stuff It’s a light-hearted variety of humorous articles, short stories ranging from hypochondria to murder, plus a quiz, agony aunt column, limericks and a collection of malapropisms to keep you amused and divert you from the tedium of flying.

“This muesli must be old. It’s got weasels in it.”

A great book to keep with you whilst travelling, and a perfect gift (suitable for both men and women) for someone who is going on a trip.

What they’re saying:

“Should be compulsory reading to keep incorrigible chatterers quiet” – Frequent Flyer.

“Could also be used to ram down their throats” – Flight Attendant.

“The stories about me are hugely exaggerated” – Author’s Spouse.


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