Bargain eBooks #649:

“You’ll Get Yours, Finkman!” by Ryan Paige
Type: Novel
Genre: Fiction, Humor
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)
Kevin Norman didn’t even want to go to summer camp. He told his parents over and over that he’d rather spend the summer someplace with a lot fewer bugs and a lot less sunlight. But did they listen? No.
And now not only is he stuck for the summer at Camp Prometheus, but he’s also stuck there with Lewis Finkman, quite possibly the most annoying eighth-grader the world has ever produced.
Before his two-week tour of duty ends, Kevin finds his soul mate, has a painful and embarrassing volleyball incident and is forced to compete for his honor against his new arch enemy. All while doing his best to avoid the bears he knows are out there just waiting to pounce no matter how many people claim they don’t exist.
And he might even manage to do a little growing up, too.
What they’re saying:
“This book brought back so many memories of going to church camp and the fun that I had. It is very interesting to see it from a boy’s point of view. I laughed out loud several times, in fact, a couple of times I was out in public which was quite embarrasing! The author really knows how to express things so you can actually see what he is saying. I also read his short story about Lewis (I love Lewis). I think this series would be an awesome movie. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.”–Amazon Reviewer

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