Bargain eBooks #651:

The Sixth Wife by Laura Lond
Type: Novella
Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)    Barnes and Noble
Adelia has no one to blame for her heartache. She’d been cautioned, many times and by many people. Everyone except her mother had told her it was folly to marry an elf, citing a host of reasons. Adelia knew their warnings were not unfounded. She knew he was very different from her and her kind, he was much older, and he’d had five other wives before her. She didn’t care. She had chosen her path.
What they’re saying:
“This sweet novella was like going to a fancy restaurant with delectable dishes,
but tiny portions. I loved everything: the characters, the allure of another
land with a mysterious species mingling with humans, the complicated
relationships, controlled passions, and how the most beautiful understood that
beauty was only skin deep. The ending was sudden; the storyline was succulent
with promise of many possible developments. My appetite has been piqued; I am
ready with fork and knife. Tragically, the kitchen has closed.

I can only hope this gifted writer is somewhere working on the continuation.”


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