Bargain eBooks #654:

OUTLAWS by William Weldy
Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance
Price: $4.95
Where to Get It:
Musa Publishing    Amazon (Kindle)  
Ex-cop Josh Grant thought he left danger behind, but the Outlaws  have other plans for his peaceful life.
Josh chooses to live as a recluse in the mountains of Idaho as penance  for failing to protect his murdered wife and child in Detroit. His new serenity  is shattered when he stumbles onto the murder of his only friend and an assault  of his friend’s daughter, Jolene. By saving Jolene, Josh angers the Outlaws, a  gang of vicious bikers. When they seek revenge, Josh must draw on old skills to  keep him and Jolene alive.
What they’re saying about it: 
“My nephew referred me to this book and  from the minute I began reading it, I was inside the book and “living” it. Great  character and plot development.
I really enjoyed Josh and Jolene in the “OUTLAWS”. The book was extremely  well written and a real page turner. I look forward to more of the  same.”–S.Spraul
“The story line, the character development, the descriptive style used by Mr.  Weldy are all top notch. “Outlaws” is a fast read because I couldn’t put it  down. Bravo to the author. Write more, please!!”

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