Bargain eBooks #656:

Tales of the Silver Sword Inn, Volume 1 by Wilson Harp
Type: Short Story Series
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)
Tales of the Silver Sword Inn are a collection of short fantasy stories that all start in the common room of this Inn near the town of Black Oak. This first collection of short stories from the Tales of the Silver Sword Inn includes:
Horas and Lendin Hunt Some Orcs In this first story, two young men from Black Oak have discovered a small camp of orcs out in the Shadowmist Wood. Horas and Lendin are eager for adventure and danger and they find both in the dark woods.
The Crimson Toads
When a wizard needs some acid from some toads, where does he go? He hires adventurers to go get it for him! Martel and his friends are heading into the Lower Salt Swamp to hunt some Crimson Toads. The pay is good, the job is easy, what could possibly go wrong? Follow them as they head out of the Silver Sword Inn and into adventure.
The Goblin Mine
Master Orias has sent his young wizard apprentice out into the wilds to gather ingredients for his magical research. Medrick hires the two brothers, Val and Karl, and a woodsman guide to help him find what his Master demands. When the party arrives at the mine, it is not abandoned as they had believed. Join the young wizard and his friends as they find adventure and danger in the goblin mine.
A Debt to Pay
Calaran the bard has come back to the Silver Sword Inn. What answers can he provide Croft about the history of the Inn and what mysteries can he reveal? But more importantly, can he bring in more money for Croft by performing at the Inn? Come grab a mug and sit back and learn whose debt must be paid at the Silver Sword Inn.
What they’re saying:
“If you enjoy a light read and tales of bravado and cowardice, of friendship and
treachery, then these tales of adventure and magic in a world where just about
anything’s possible will give you a few great hours of directed exercise for
your imagination.”

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