Bargain eBooks #660:

NO BONES ABOUT IT by Donna Huston Murray
Genre: Mystery
Price:  $2.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)   Barnes and Noble  
Desperate for help with the family’s new Irish setter, Ginger Barnes calls her dog-trainer friend for an appointment.  “No,” Linda replies.  “No, I can’t.”  Fresh from a nasty divorce from Karl, a controversial diet-doctor, Linda is being accused of programming their jointly owned German shepherd to kill her ex. Gin agrees to intercede on behalf of the dog but soon realizes he can’t be saved without saving first Linda. The suspect pool includes a militant vegan, a receptionist fired for gaining weight, an assortment of dog fanatics, and a grieving single father of four. Looks like our crime-solving headmaster’s wife is in for a long, hot summer!
What they’re saying about it:
“…[Murray] did a fancy juggling act in “Bones” and pulled it off beautifully! What caught me especially was how the various specialized dog-vegetarian-etc. materials *all* tied together to give me a greater insight into Gin herself as a person. THAT’s pretty rare!”- Ellie Miller, Independent Reviewer
“A solid addition to the subgenre of amateur sleuths.”—Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
“…Barnes’ irreverent attitude about her situation makes for a great character – almost as if Spenser was a housewife.”- DJS or The Drood Review of Mystery

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