Bargain eBooks #662:

SLAVE SPY – The Youth and Times of Lazarus Perlman by Byron Lee Wade
Genre: Historical Fiction
Price: $3.99
Where to Get It: 
Amazon Kindle  
Ending the trade in millions of slaves could be in the hands of just one boy . . . In the late 18th century, Lazarus Perlman, a motherless Jewish boy is raised by a tradition-bound father and mentored at London’s famed Jews’ Free School. Debating the issues of the day at the King Solomon Club – he encounters Thomas Clarkson, the heartbeat of the campaign to end the British trade in African slaves.

Keenly aware that he is a descendant of slaves, Lazarus joins the effort as aide to Clarkson and the Abolition Society gains the upper hand . . . until the ruthless West Indies sugar lobby convinces Parliament that evidence of cruelty to slaves is exaggerated and stale. The abolitionists need fresh evidence, but their leading informant in the West Indies has been murdered – and the abolitionists face defeat unless somebody can provide intelligence from the scene.

Disguised as a tailor, Lazarus sails to Barbados to spy on slave masters . . . to end the slave trade and save the slaves. But his adventure proves more perilous than anyone had thought. Now the question becomes . . . who will save Lazarus Perlman?
* * * * * * *
Set against the rich background of the British abolition movement – which spawned Amazing Grace – this ambitious historical fiction takes a fresh look at two peoples, Africans and Jews, and their common legacy . . . slavery and oppression. Peopled with unforgettable characters and paced with stark conflicts, it spins a captivating, uniquely original and timeless tale – and posts reminders for every generation.

What they’re saying about it: 
“Must read . . . I couldn’t put it down. The writing was great. I really liked the feelings and thoughts it stirred in me.. . . I felt like I knew the primary character before he began his long journey to become the man he wanted to be. All in all, excellent writing, great research, very emotional. The details created vivid pictures in my mind that transported me to an earlier and more harsh yet interesting time.”

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