Bargain eBooks #663:

Pop Two Antacids and Have Some Java by Steven M. Moore
Type: Short Story Collection
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Detective
Price: $0.99
Where  to Get It: 
Amazon (Kindle)
Mystery,  suspense, and thrills await you in this short story collection. Each tale is a  homicide case tackled by detectives Chen and Castilblanco in their battle  against NY City crime. A hanging in a renowned college for criminal justice, a  serial killer that uses unusual hardware, a stakeout that ends in violence—these  stories and others let you walk Gotham’s mean streets with these tough  cops.
The  mysterious and beautiful Dao-Ming Chen and the acerbic and sarcastic Rolando “Rollie” Castilblanco are Steve Moore’s most interesting characters. Get  acquainted with them in this new anthology.
What  they’re saying about it:
Steven  Moore has created what should be a hit with “Pop Two Antacids and Have Some  Java”. This collection of 7 hard-hitting cop stories is a perfect weekend read  for lovers of the crime genre.
I  finished them in one sitting, because I couldn’t put them down, but they would  read equally well in 7 deadly bites. Each story is like an episode of “Law &  Order” for your Kindle.
A  fantastic introduction to Moore’s work, with living, breathing characters Chen & Castilblanco. Vivid, realistic stories that will leave you searching for  another book by this author.

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