Bargain eBooks #665:

We Are Elephants by Kevin Hilliker
Type: Novella
Genre: Coming of Age, Adventure
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)
WE ARE ELEPHANTS is a road story about teenage  love, mutant dogs, an insane old hunter, feverish hallucinations, Middle America and the end of the world.
Everything is cold and barren. Fifteen-year-old Michael and his younger brother John are violently forced into the  desolate frontier of Middle America—at first simply trying to stay  alive. However, an act of goodwill deep within the Ohio wilderness sets  off a chain of events that propels the brothers from state to state,  trying to outrun a master-tracker who has become known only as The  Huntsman. As they run, Michael begins to question whether the old man is real, or a figment of his darkest nightmares. What he finds, will  change the boy forever.
WE ARE ELEPHANTS is a powerful debut  novel from Kevin Hilliker—a post-apocalyptic thriller like no other.  Atmospheric and expertly told, this story will stay with readers long  after they’ve finished the last, startling pages.

What they’re saying about it:

“We Are Elephants, by Kevin Hilliker, lives up to its intriguing title  and cover. Claiming a well-deserved place in the young adult literature  niche, We Are Elephants goes beyond the typical young adult fare of teen angst, young love, wizards, warlocks, and vampires.  Oh, the story has  plenty of excitement to offer its reader–a barren, post-apocalyptic  setting; a new-wilderness trek filled with adventure and fraught with  danger; an evil-incarnate villain; and yes, even romance. The tale  itself is an expertly-woven, attention-arresting journey. But the real  journey in We Are Elephants lies within the characters themselves. We  share in their honest soul-searching, tireless devotion, and tenacious  determination to forge new lives in an unexpectedly new and frightening  world.”–Amazon Reviewer

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