Bargain eBooks #667:

Aqua Vitae by Therese Arkenberg
Type: Novella
Genre: Science Fiction
Price: $2.99
Where to Get  It:
Amazon (Kindle)    Barnes and Noble     Smashwords 
Jenes Inarya wants to experience everything. And quite frankly, she doesn’t  think she can live life to the fullest in the time she’s been allotted. A search  through lore and legend from the Eight Immortals of Chinese myth to  the Garden of Eden finally leads her to what she seeks–across the galaxy, to  the planet of Arak, which possesses an immortal ecosystem. By eating food  prepared from the immortal plants of Arak, Jenes can alter her metabolism and  gain eternal life. In her case, it’s a cup of palm wine. A real aqua  vitae.
But the prospect of eternal life quickly causes more problems than  it solves, and rifts begin to form  between Jenes and her friends and traveling companions. Forsaken by them,  haunted by the prospect of death for everyone she knows, lacking direction, and  apparently pursued by the Arakians who made her immortal, Jenes must come to  terms with her choice and learn how to live when she will live forever.
What they’re saying about it:
“Aqua Vitae is only 70-pages long, but manages to pack a lot. Jenes’ story, part  science-fiction drama, part cautionary fable, tells the story about a  thrill-seeking young woman who hunts immortality in order to ensure she is able  to experience everything in life. The story quickly progresses to this point and  spends most of its time dealing with how the main character copes with the  prospects of being immortal.
By the end, Aqua Vitae offers an interesting  discussion on mortality and what it means to live, through the lens of a  character who wants more from her life. The many insights into Jenes’ thoughts  are much welcomed, since some of her interactions with the supporting cast can  make her difficult to sympathize with at times. The most striking part of the  story for me was the part which explained Jenes’ relationship with her mother.  It was heartrendingly well-written, and I only wish the relationship came up  more throughout the story.
Overall, this was a quick and  thought-provoking read, set against an universe made interesting by its reaches  into various mythologies, and I would recommend it to anyone with a little free  time on their hands and an appetite for the speculative.” – James N, Amazon Reviewer

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