Bargain eBooks #668:

The Eyes Die Last by Teri Riggs
Genre: Mystery Romance Thriller
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)  
The Las Vegas Mayoral race is heating up, and the incumbent doesn’t have a prayer. Wealthy real estate  speculator Nick Campenelli, who wants to legalize prostitution in Clark  County, and former pastor Louis St. Louis, running on a  ‘clean-up-Vegas-by-getting-rid-of-the-whores’ platform, are the front  runners.
They’re also front runners on the suspect list for a  string of murders. Kennedy O’Brien, four-year detective with cop blood  running in her veins, and her partner Wilder “Wild Thing” James, a  veteran, are determined to find the man who’s murdering prostitutes who  work the wrong side of the street, and they don’t care how important or  politically active he is.
The killer is a man with a mission. He  stalks the women before he kills them, leaving a “BEFORE” photo on their bodies, and sending an “AFTER” shot to the local news hound. Ed  Hershey, an aging newscaster with just the right amount of grey in his  hair, is determined to turn this story into a network gig, and his  interference, along with the LVTVS legal team, are making Kennedy and  Wilder look bad. Campenelli’s good looks and charm, and St. Louis’ vitriolic hatred of prostitutes are muddying the waters too, and now the killer seems to have taken a liking to Kennedy.
So the big question remains. Can she get him before he gets her?
What they’re saying about it:
“I think the author shows a lot of promise. Her characters actually felt like real people, even the flamboyant Elvis.” -Kindle Reader, Marie
“Overall, this is a pretty entertaining read.  I like the characters, the plot, and you can tell someone did her homework researching the Vegas  area.” – Amazon user, MomPants81
“Look out Stephanie Plum, there’s a new leading lady on the scene for  fans of female-driven mysteries with a healthy dose of sass – all set in a town (Vegas, baby!) ripe for adventure and romance. Great for a  summer beach read.” -Lady A

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