Bargain eBooks #674:

Army of Me by N. Lamont Weaver
Genre: Science fiction
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)



How Powerful Can One Person Be?

Kevin Kelvin is a child  prodigy with a dream of space exploration. However, life happens and it  proves to be a bizarre, twisted path to space. Through a series of  improbable adventures including: becoming the world’s first  trillionaire, saving the last living band of Neanderthal, inventing a  genetic therapy that restores youth, becoming the dictator of Namibia,  founding his own country, reviving the abandoned Space Shuttle program,  weaponizing lower Earth orbit, destroying Saudi Arabia, winning the  Nobel Peace Prize, and developing an anti-gravity propulsion system, he  is finally able to realize his dream and stand as the first man on Mars  and the most powerful man on Earth.

What they’re saying about it:

Finally, a sci-fi book from an unknown author that is actually…GOOD.  So very rare to find nowadays. This ebook is a fantastic piece of fictional art Its really refreshing to read a book that is ”new”. All books are  closely similar  to each other with their storyline, but not this one. I am sure that the author will harvest its success cos it truly is  wonderful.


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