Bargain eBooks #692:

Rafael (The Santiago Brothers Book One) by K. Victoria Chase
Type:  Novel
Genre: Romance-Interracial Christian/Inspirational Romantic Suspense
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon         B&N           Smashwords           AllRomanceEbooks        Astraea Press

The last time Detective Genie Green let a man humiliate her was her college sweetheart–never again. Yet, when former high school lothario Rafael Santiago returns to town as the consulting detective on her case, Genie’s rule of never allowing another man to best her is challenged. Can she trust him long enough to solve this case and get the glory?
Rafa can’t seem to outrun his delinquent past. When The Snakes, a criminal organization he used to belong too, begin murdering people from his hometown, he has a chance to right some of his past wrongs. Will arresting the murderers be enough to redeem him, or will a certain beautiful detective pay the ultimate price instead?

A Christian interracial romantic suspense.
What they’re saying about it:
“…it was awesome, just wish there was a little bit more romance. I really did not want it to end and I hope Rafa and Genie make an appearance in the next two books.”

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