Bargain eBooks #694:

Isn’t She Lovely?  by Bettye Griffin
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Price:  $4.79
Where to Get It:
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The author of The Heat of Heat and A Kiss of a Different Color returns with a sweeping contemporary romance centering around secrets, scandals, old wounds, and new attachments amid a gubernatorial campaign.

When hard-working divorced mother Tracy Pegram learns that the driver who injured her eight-year-old in a hit-and-run accident is the teenage son of real estate magnate and State Attorney General Keith Norwood, she wants blood. She dismisses the boy as just another unsupervised, wild rich kid and blames his father for pursuing the governor’s office instead of spending time at home with his son. But Tracy finds herself softening when motherless teen Josh Norwood asks to apologize to her son, and she welcomes him into her home. She soon recognizes a tortured soul under the rigid public persona of the widowed Keith Norwood as well…but opening her heart to the father the way she has to the son is out of the question…or is it?

What they’re saying about it: 

USA Today calls Isn’t She Lovely? “A masterpiece of complexity and philosophical life lessons with a heartwarming romance.”


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