Bargain eBooks #697:

The Ghost Child by Simeon Stoychev
Type: Novella
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Price: 99 cents
Where to get it:
Amazon (Kindle)  
In the dead of winter, raiders cross the frozen waters of the Dunav to pillage towns and villages along the river. When darkness falls and the war party retreats before the coming blizzard, they stumble upon one last farmstead. There they encounter a mysterious child, and the hunters suddenly become the hunted.
This is the story of Magz, of his little sister Jackie, and their harrowing struggle to survive.
What they’re saying about it:
“Epic. The protagonist is a stranger searching for a child who’s one of the few survivors after a raiding party slaughters everyone in a northern village. No one seems to know what he’s talking about though, and he gets a translator and heads into the tribelands to investigate.
The perspective of the story is beautifully done and switches halfway through to a boy called Magz and his
family. The tense of the story also shifts, and the second half feels almost dreamlike. The vivid imagery of winter, the land described as a sort of snow desert, the crows and desolation are all very evocative.
I loved the descriptions of the family as well and what Magz sees from his perspective. The action sequences were especially well done. Highly recommended.”

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