Bargain eBooks #709:

Genre:  Romantic, Suspense
Price: $3.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)
“It has everything, simply everything-a coming of age, a romance, and a thriller rolled into one delightful read.
From the very first sentence, we’re drawn into the harsh Scotland schoolboy world of Malcolm and Hardly. Malcolm’s summers in Canada with his mother offer little comfort. He survives by running; running through the streets, running between Scotland and Canada, running from himself and his past.
Flash ahead 20 years. In Canada, Malcolm meets Heather, a woman haunted by an evil secret. When they camp at the Lake at the end of the World, they discover there is nowhere left to run, for either of them.
Like the great 19th century writers (but with a lighter touch), Martin Crosbie takes Malcolm from a life focused on the primary needs of food, sex and basic survival to loftier aspirations. He enters an intangible, often illusory world of evil that requires enormous human faith; and tosses the reader onto a thrilling rollercoaster ride. Again and again he refuses to walk away from heart hammering danger.
Mr. Crosbie’s deft character-development pen never allows the reader to question Malcolm’s choices. He has prepared for this journey since his boyhood days in Scotland. This time, he’s not backing down, whatever the cost.”
There were moments of magic, scenes filled with foreboding, passages that were poetic and ruminative, others that were breathtaking. The masterful handling of Malcolm’s mother, was brilliant. There were many scenes, especially toward the end, that were fast-paced and made the book impossible to put down.”

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