Bargain eBooks #713:

Uppity Owl Upcycles a Brooch by Monica Blas
Genre: Childrens’
Price: $4.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)


Uppity Owl is a crafty owl that loves to upcycle old stuff into new and useful
things! He relishes living a peaceful life next to a serene pond. Occasionally,
Uppity finds “stuff” that shouldn’t be there. One day Mr. Fish brings Uppity
something he found at the bottom of the pond. Uppity Owl gets crafty as he
upcycles an old brooch into something new and useful! Fun, colorful,
educational, and simplistically beautiful!

Children’s Author, Monica T.
Blas, is excited about sharing Uppity Owl with a new audience…the green
minded. Be sure to drop by and visit her blog at: to
learn more!

This eBook is not recommended for cellular devices.


What they’re saying:


“This book is perfect for children especially for fall when owls are often
included in the curriculum, as well as Earth Day or when teaching about
recycling and reusing. REUSE is the least understood and most often overlooked
way to help save the environment. Recycling uses more energy than reusing! This book could accompany a class lesson about invention or re-purposing. Great!”


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