Bargain eBooks #715:

Scandalous Virtue by Brenda Hiatt
Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)   Barnes and Noble    Smashwords
First impressions can be most deceiving!
Under the tutelage of her strict father, then that of an equally  strict husband twice her age, Nessa, Lady Haughton, has been trained all her life to be a model of English propriety and virtue. But beneath the inexperienced young widow’s oh-so-prim exterior, she craves a taste of  the wickedness she has always been denied. Now that she is finally free, she intends to satisfy that craving!
Notorious rakehell and war hero Jack Ashecroft finds himself  unexpectedly elevated to Marquis of Foxhaven. But to claim the fortune  that goes with the title, Jack must renounce his wild ways and establish himself as a respectable member of Society. The surest, quickest path,  he is certain, will be to find and wed a woman beyond reproach—if one  will have him.
When Jack and Nessa meet, each thinks the other is exactly the ticket to the changes they are seeking. Sparks will fly when they discover  each other’s true goals—especially if it’s already too late to turn  back!
What they’re saying:
“Brenda Hiatt handles the story beautifully: it is fast, witty and fun.” ~Publishers Weekly
“Witty and sensual, an easy, enjoyable writing style that makes for the best kind of reading.” ~The “M” Word Book Reviews
“A real gem, as witty and clever as any traditional Regency in which  two intriguing characters square off in a mutual marriage of  convenience.” ~RT Book Reviews

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