Crowley’s Window by Gord Rollo
Type: Novella
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Price: 99 cents
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle)  
Abby Hawkins was never normal. Born with a birth cowl–a rare birth  defect thought to predict psychic abilities–she is haunted by horrible  visions. Shortly after her 13th birthday, Abby’s parents call in the  mysterious Crowley to help their daughter. His interventions rid her of  the visions…and her eyes.
Now a beautiful young lady, Abby  Hawkins works as a blind fortune teller in a traveling Carnival. When  she receives a powerful vision–one depicting the abduction of a little  girl–she becomes the sole witness to the crime. Only a young police  officer believes her bizarre story, and with his help she embarks upon  an investigation that will ultimately reunite her with the madman from  her past and bring her to the hellish threshold of Crowley’s Window.
What they’re saying:
“This novella is the author at his lean and mean best. Can’t wait to read the next Abby adventure!”
Really liked this book .. full of suspense and kept you on edge the whole time. This book was definitely a page turner.”

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