Bargain eBooks #727:

Fear Not by April Martella
Type: Devotional / Scripture Reference Book
Genre: Christian Parenting / Motherhood
Price: $2.99
Where to get it:
Amazon (Kindle)
This is a 40 page book that contains the Bible’s most powerful scripture verses dealing with fear, worry, and anxiety. The book is targeted to Christian moms who suffer from these emotions, and would like a quick reference to God’s Word in a convenient easy to access place. (Their Kindle or computer.)
The book contains an introduction to the definitions of fear, worry, and anxiety, a personal testimony from me (the author), an emergency prayer, and a list of scriptures organized by books in the Bible.
What people are saying about it:
“Scripture 911 Fear compiles the best scriptures on fear from every book of the Bible. But the best part is the author’s introduction where she tells her own story of coming into and overcoming fear. Reading the passages based on her personal context and the situation her family faced and transcended, gives the Biblical scriptures extra weight and meaning and caused me to think of them in a much more intimate light because of the introduction.”
“I really enjoyed this book by April Martella on gaining relief from fear through reading Scripture. She starts off with a personal tragedy from her own life which caused her to experience a tremendous amount of fear for many years. Then, she gives us a selection of the best verses in the entire Bible on overcoming fear – which she actually used herself to get free of fear. I highly recommend this book as a quick reference guide for anyone who suffers from chronic fear, worry and anxiety.”

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