Bargain eBooks #730:

The Devil’s Right Hand by Jason McIntyre
Price: $3.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon        Amazon UK

THE DEVIL’S RIGHT HAND brings readers back into the world of THE NIGHT WALK MEN and its principals, Sperro and Fallow, two brothers charged with managing the lives and deaths of their human flock. It’s present day, many seasons past the events of the prelude novella when their father, Obsidion was dealt his harsh punishment for going against The Word. There are new characters, new Night Walkers and a broader scope for the Night Walkers’ Work.

The novel centres on Sperro and Fallow’s efforts to wrangle two men from different worlds. Benton Garamond was a career bureaucrat with children, a loving wife and a house in the suburbs. All of that is gone now and Benton is on a mission that only Sperro truly understands. On other end of the spectrum is Donnie Lo, a Chinese-Canadian drug lord gone into hiding after his empire has crumbled. What ties the two men together? And what will happen when the backdrop of the Night Walk Men is forever changed by the onset of a coming civil war?

This is Sperro’s world and as he puts it when asked to share, “I’ll tell you everything you need to know. Your curiosities are fair and I will treat them that way…I will answer all your questions. But in due time, vice-a-verse-a, you’ll be asked to answer mine.”


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  1. Thanks for featuring THE DEVIL’S RIGHT HAND, Holly! Readers interested in the Night Walk Men universe should know there’s a free prologue novella called THE NIGHT WALK MEN that immediately precedes this story. Here it is:


    j. //

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