Bargain eBooks #730:

14tipsA FOCUSED PURSUIT in China:  14 Business Tips to Know Before You Go by Mike Meier
Type:  How-To
Genre:  International Business, Travel
Price: $3.99
Where to Get It:
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China is ready for you…but are YOU ready for CHINA?
A 2010 global survey found China to be the most popular destination for emerging assignments in foreign countries. In addition, the study discovered that China is the most challenging location for working expats, as well as the country with the highest rate of foreign assignment failure!
Is your company sending part of its workforce to Shanghai? Are you looking forward to an internship or study abroad in Beijing? ‘A FOCUSED PURSUIT in China: 14 Business Tips to Know Before You Go’ will prepare you for the adventure ahead! You ll learn how to use ‘name cards’ correctly, conduct business dinners, make lifelong contacts, and more!
What they’re saying:
“If you are headed East, I highly recommend you pack along Mike Meier’s ‘14 Tips’ for the journey. It is awesome that everyone now has access to Mike’s wit and wisdom regarding his unique experiences abroad. I am certain that his energetic and inspirational words will help you “Be Progress” in all of your challenging moments in China!” —Dean Lindsay, Author of The Progress Challenge and Cracking the Networking CODE
“I first came to China in 2002, and since that time I have had to get used to a number of different cultural habits and customs. ‘A FOCUSED PURSUIT in China: 14 Business Tips to Know Before You Go’ covers the key areas so you will be prepared both mentally and physically.” —Darren Scott Small, Senior Foreign Trainer – Tianjin Office, Wall Street English (China)

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