Bargain eBooks #744:

NewRogueCover1The Rogue Gentleman by Brian Drake
Genre: Action / Adventure, Espionage, Thriller
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon (Kindle) 
Steve Dane, The Rogue Gentleman, an international adventurer who rights wrongs wherever he finds them, fails to prevent a young woman’s abduction. But that does not stop him from finding her. Officially hired by the girl’s father, Dane battles gunman and evades police as he discovers the decades-old vendetta behind the kidnapping; he soon learns that the grudge is just the beginning and peels back the layers of a more fiendish plan that goes beyond a desire for vengeance. Assisted by his lover, the luscious Nina Talikova, Steve Dane dives head first, the only way he knows how, into a conspiracy of terror the likes of which the world has never seen, orchestrated by a powerful and mysterious woman known only as “The Duchess”. When Dane finds The Duchess he will sacrifice anything, including his life, to destroy her.
What they’re saying about it:
“The Rogue Gentleman is Steve Dane, a former Marine, a former CIA agent, a former Mercenary commander who is now a freelance trouble shooter with his girlfriend Nina Talikova, a former KGB agent. The pair is fun to read. I was reminded of Michael Weston and Fiona Glenane from Burn Notice and Simon Templar and Patricia Holm from the Saint stories. Nina is quite blood thirsty and frequently complains that she doesn’t get enough action and teases Dane when he looks at other women. In fact she declares the young woman Steve is looking at has barely stopped growing just before she gets kidnapped [which] sends the pair on this adventure. Dane is equally intriguing with a clearly defined history as a Marine, a CIA agent, mercenary commander and now world traveling trouble shooter but there are still mysteries about just why he went freelance and just what connection he has to the President of the United States (who bares some resemblance to the first George Bush). As an opening novel this really sets up the series to come with hints at mysterious pasts for both Steve and Nina and some intriguing possibilities for future adventures. Brian Drake’s writing is really enjoyable with a couple of nice tips of the hat to Jerry Ahern. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more adventures of The Rogue Gentleman.” [Amazon Review]

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