Bargain eBooks #750:

BOOK COVERThe Arts-Angels Track 1: Drawn to You by Janel Rodriguez Ferrer
Genre: Tween/Young Adult
Price: 99 cents for a limited time
Where to Get It:
Amazon      Sony
Rock Your Destiny!
Gina Santiago is a thirteen-year-old “Nuyorican” with rock star dreams, so when she’s accepted into the prestigious New York Academy of Arts and Talents for art instead of music, she’s crushed.
To make matters worse, the student body at the Upper East Side school is divided into “schollies” (students on scholarship, like her) and “dollies” (rich kids with “dollars”).
But Gina discovers that there is one thing that brings schollies and dollies-and dancers, singers, actors, artists, and musicians-together: music! Maybe she can make her dreams come true after all….
What they’re saying about it:
“Track one of the Arts Angels, Drawn to you, is a incredibly exciting, well put together story about a passion for music. I love the way the story leads the reader through all the feelings Gina is feeling. For example, the band moments make me happy, but when scenes with her mother come on I’m sitting with my nose against the paper of the book. This book is a fantastic, exciting and beautiful. It’s fantastic to see how the band grows, how relationships between characters are made and especially how some problems solve, but other mysteries appear again. Still stuck in the story, I really can’t wait for Track 2. What’s going to happen between Gina and Willow, and what about the two bands? Loved every bit of it. I really can’t think of anything negative to comment on. It was a wonderful story! Really well done!”

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