Bargain eBooks #756:

shadowShadow of the Wolf  by George Archibald
Genre: Fantasy
Price:  $3.99
Where to Get It:



(Scotland 1388: Fergus Scott of Eildon is sent northward to investigate reports of a new power rising in the Highlands. Enticed into the power of the ferocious Alistair Mor, Wolf of Bedonoch, the lovely but quick tempered Seonaid aids him in his battle against enchantment and death.
As witches gather to recreate the terrifying Book of Black Earth, and the army of Donald of the Isles marches to confront Alistair, Fergus must try and save his soul and his country.

But this is a book of a long and grand adventure, that Mr. Archibald weaves history through with his fiction to make the story that much richer. It’s full of the sense of time being against you, making you want to read faster and absorb every part of the journer, mysticism, legend and some magic. Yet another excellent book. If you’ve read the other reviews I’ve written for Malcolm Archibald’s books, you can see I’m a big fan and that’s for a reason

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