Bargain eBooks #757:

DBS_original_coverDuck Blood Soup by The Brothers Hofer (Frank Hofer and James Hofer)
Genre: Fantasy, Steampunk
Price: $3.99
Where to Get It: 
Amazon (Kindle)     

When Eizenfeng’s leading wizards combine science with magic, the world changes dramatically. Technological      advancements, coupled with racial and economic tensions propel the country toward war with a longtime ally. Jeunelux is oblivious to the building turmoil; scorching days harvesting tomatoes and her annoying older brother are more pressing concerns.

Suddenly, strange dreams that haunt her nights become reality.  Jeunelux, along with two other untrained and unlicensed teen wizards embark on a quest to save the girl’s father, rescue a giant, and prevent a war. The three friends must quickly hone their magical skills and take on responsibilities beyond their years to save innocent lives.

What they’re saying:

“Duck Blood Soup is geared toward teen readers but the political, military, and emotional      story lines appeal to a wider audience.  Duck Blood Soup humanizes the antagonists, has characters that are neither invincible nor untiring, and introduces new races of creatures.  Incorporating firearms, airships, and railroads further differentiates Duck Blood Soup from other fantasy novels.”

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