Bargain eBooks #758:

bloodmeltBlood Melt – Seth Cometh by Max W. Miller
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:



All aliens visiting Earth are not little green things with exaggerated, oval shaped eyes. That’s what Avani Darrisaw found out when she gazed into the honey-brown irises of Seth, a prince from Amarka.

Sixteen year old Avani always knew there was more to the story about this secret war her father fought in—a war never broadcasted on the evening news. But when Counselor Vivian Brashear came from Savannah, Georgia, to her home in Winston Salem, her frustrations mounted even higher. The woman tells Avani that an alien Star Warrior has chosen her to help him come to earth, and that he must have talks with her. Avani tries to shrug-off the woman’s comments as the ranting of a lunatic, but still, her heart could not deny the gorgeous stranger now showing up in her dreams.

Pressured on every side, Avani feels she has no choice but to have these talks with Seth. Soon, their meetings throws the feisty teen into a tail spin for more reasons than one. Seth is trapped in a sphere and needs Avani to save him. She’d have to agree to undergo a ceremony, the Blood Melt, where Seth requires a deadly evacuation of her blood. As if the Blood Melt Ceremony wasn’t scary enough, if she consents to save him, a Walfarian Spiker, sworn enemy of the Amarkarues, would track and try to assassinate her. Find out whether Avani will risk her life to save Seth, and in return, how can Seth save her when he is imprisoned inside a disintegrating sphere?


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