allroadsAll Roads Lead to Winter by Mark Fuller Dillon
Type: Novella
Genre: Erotic Science Fiction (Adults only)
Price: Free
Where to Get It:
The aliens are here, and now our lives are different: no wars, no  hunger, no exploitation. For political prisoner Thomas Bridge, there can be a strange new love; for the alien delegate, Avdryana, there can be  companionship in a world that she finds crowded and foreign. But even  with hope for the future, can there be an escape from the stifling ideas and expectations of the past?
“All Roads Lead to Winter” is a novella that deals with parallel worlds, politics, sexual tension, the grip of memory, the strength and  generosity of women, the beauty of being together. It also looks at the  pain of old lives that have not yet adjusted to the new.
An intimate drama with a vast background, a love story about heartbreak  and hope, it uses the framework of science fiction to examine the very  human costs of change and loss and new perspectives.


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