The Prince’s Guard by Annette Gisby
Type: Short Story
Genre: M/M Erotic Romance/Fantasy
Price: $1.99
Where to Get It:

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An amazon uk Top 10 Bestseller in 2012

Prince Dashan has been used to getting things his own way, with servants
to cater to his every whim. As the crown prince, it is essential that he
is protected and he is followed everywhere by his bodyguard, Ryland.
Dashan can’t even head to a tavern with his friends without Ryland somehow
turning up and spoiling his fun.

Dashan disguises himself as a peasant one night and sneaks off to the
brothel that he’s heard rumours about – a brothel that caters for men who
like men. The prince finds it difficult to admit to himself what his true
desires are – he yearns to submit his will to someone else. And Ryland is
just the man to show him what that truly means.

What they’re saying about it:

“This story is well written, with strong characters. This is especially
important in such a short story…I got a good feel for both of the
characters and became sympathetic to their plight.” – Rainbow Book

“Her characters are so intense and real that the second you finish the
story, you’re in utter shock and denial that the characters are not
actually standing in front of you, her writing style is absolutely lovely
for she has a way of making words flow along the pages, and she knows how
to entice the readers from the very beginning (of course having a half
naked man on the cover does help).” – Reader review by Reina Lorraine.

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