Final Utopia-A Dark ThrillerUtopia A Dark Thriller by Adam Steel and Tina M. White
Genre: Sci Fi, Thriller
Price:   £2.87   in the UK and $4.35 in the USA
Where to Get It:
Amazon UK



Society has collapsed: Destroyed by an unknown weapon of terrible power. The survivors turn on each other in desperation.
Twenty years later a new society has formed from the ruins. Utopia is the envy of the outside world: powerful, highly advanced and led by the  mysterious Circle of Eight. Fuelled by the limitless power of the ‘Genie Reactor’ its people want for nothing. Freedom and Equality exists in Utopia. Ellie, a survivor of the disaster has carved out a new life in Utopia. She is  wealthy and successful, but lonely and haunted by dreams of the past. A brutal murder will plunge her, and others, into a world of horrifying  revelations, death and madness, as she explores the dark side of Utopia: where a terrifying secret awaits and nothing is as it seems…



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