secretsSecrets of the New World by Scott Kinkade
Type: Novel
Genre: Science fiction/alternative history/steampunk
Price: $3.50
Where to Get It:
The year is 1792 (Infini Calendar). The new country of America is making great technological strides. Knowing this, Austria’s ruler Leopold II decides to travel to Washington personally in order to negotiate a treaty with the President in the hopes of securing new technology for his country.
The only problem? His little sister Farahilde. She’s unruly, unpredictable and has already threatened war with neighboring countries at least once. There’s no way Leopold can leave her home, so he orders her to come along on the journey to America. Oh, and her future–that is, arranged–husband Frederick William III is coming as well.
What dangers await them as they journey to the New World? What dangers await once they arrive? Will Farahilde prevent a war with America, or will she start one?
Also contains the story “Brilliant Dawn.” A sunken Spanish galleon containing gold may be the solution to France’s financial problems. It’s up to the newly appointed commander of the Ordre de la Tradition, Jeanne de Fleur, to lead her untested crew through this mission, but does she have the confidence to pull it off?

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