twelveThe Twelve Days to Christmas (Single in the City series) by Michele Gorman
Type: Novella
Genre: chick lit, women’s fiction
Price: 99c
Where to Get It:
Amazon    Barnes and Noble 



What if his proposal had an expiration date? Hannah’s in a bit of a pickle. In twelve days she flies from Hong Kong to the US with  Sam, where he’s finally going to meet her parents… and ask to marry  her. Since overcoming a rather rocky patch in their relationship  (which was totally his fault), he really is a new man, and they’re  completely in love. The problem is, she feels panicky every time she  contemplates matrimony. Which is perfectly normal, isn’t it? Isn’t it?!  She has no idea but she’s got to find out before he pops the question… because she’s not 100% sure she’s going to say yes. Which will make for a very uncomfortable family holiday. He’s got to ask her before they  go. So Operation Proposal begins.

As time ticks down to their  flight, Hannah realizes that her own secrets are threatening their  future. Before she can be happy with Sam, she’s got a lot to learn about herself in the twelve days to Christmas.

What they’re saying about it:

“The Twelve Days of Christmas read just like a Debbie Macomber story.  Easy and so entertaining.” A Novel Review

“Great read! Light, fast, fun – and I adored the ending. 4.5*” Chick Lit Plus

“This could be the ideal balm for someone recovering from a hard breakup and  looking for an easy read to restore their faith in romance.” Best Chick Lit


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