aifAshes in the Fall by Christopher Martinez
Type: Short Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:

Anger is a gift.

The Arusyan Empire controls half the known  world, and its borders are still expanding. After ruthlessly conquering  Somaria, the king turns his armies westward and leaves his son, Prince  Azelas, to ward the southlands.
Against the mighty empire stands Carleon Orion, a former imperial soldier now leading the southerners in rebellion. Using their shared hatred of the Arusyans, Carleon took a  band of outcasts and rogues and turned them into deadly warriors.

Caught in the wake of the escalating conflict, Danario Solidor is taken in by  the rebels after his village is burned to the ground. He finds other  orphaned children like himself, and together they train and wait for the day they can avenge their loved ones.

Ashes in the Fall is a  new action-packed adventure about a young boy and an ex-soldier  struggling to carry on after their lives have been turned to ashes by  the empire.

What they’re saying about it:

“If you like books like The Sword of Truth series, or The Lord of the  Rings, you will most likely enjoy this book even though there is no  magic in the book.”


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