erlkingfinal_option1The Erlking: A Mick Chandra Mystery by Rebecca Yount
GENRE: Crime

PRICE: $.99
Where to Get It:

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Detective Inspector, Mick Chandra of New Scotland Yard, struggles to
link the murder of the young wife of a popular British Member of
Parliament to the seemingly random death by drowning in a north London
canal of 8-year-old Josie Stephens. The forensic pathologist discovers
that Josie was abused before she was murdered. Mick is informed by a
Quaker Friend who knew Phoebe that she, too, may have been physically
abused. Mick realizes he is getting close to the fire when his live-in
love, American expatriate and renowned England-based concert pianist,
Jessica Beaumont, is suddenly harrassed. During a concert, someone even
takes a shot at her. Seconded to the Yard’s Pedophile Unit, Mick and his
partner, Sergeant Elizabeth Chang, receive help in breaking the case.
The Unit’s chief informs Mick that a notorious pedophile ring is working
out of north London, headed by someone who calls himself The Erlking.
Day by day, more children are reported missing in north London. How is
this linked to Phoebe’s death? What is the connection between Phoebe and
Josie? As Mick struggles to expose the identity of The Erlking, help
arrives from a most unexpected source.                  


“I am in love with Rebecca Yount’s writing….I can’t wait to read the third installment in this series and I urge you all to get the first two books as soon as possible. I envision a series of movies on these books and can’t wait to say I knew Mike Chandra from the beginning.”–


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