NG_TOFT_Cover525x788Naughty Gras: Tales of Fat Tuesday by Sable Jordan, Jessa Callaver, KWEEN, Perri Forrest
Type: Anthology
Genre: Erotica
Price: FREE
Where to Get It:
Amazon    Smashwords     Allromanceebooks
You might’ve been to Mardi Gras, but baby, you’ve never seen a party like this! In NAUGHTY GRAS, four scorching hot stories come together to take you behind the scenes of the spiciest Tuesday of the year!
Hang out in the Big Easy with a super sexy helping of DIRTY RICE, and after you gobble that up, head on down to Rio for a romantic RENDEZVOUS.  Who knows, you might meet your destiny.  Want something a little more “spiritual” in nature? Well it’s Bacchanal Time in Viareggio, Italy, too.  You’ll be in great hands IN GODS’ HANDS.  Eat and drink your fill, just be sure to save room for dessert, ‘cause it ain’t a Gras without King cake, and THE SINNER’S SLICE has your name on it.
So come get naughty tonight.
You can always repent in the morning…

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